August 28, 2009

Resources for Smart Identity Card

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Our project Smart Identity Card establishes anonymous credential system on a standard Java Card. Please consider the following resources as background information; hover the mouse over an area to receive a detailed description.

Resources for Smarter Identity Cards


Short Presentation:
Smarter Identity Cards [PPT]
PRIME Primer:
e-Citizens [PDF]
Book chapter:
Federated Identity Management (Section 6) [PDF]

Technical Specification

Technical Introduction:
Anonymous Credential Systems
Technical Brief:
Anonymous Credentials on JCOP 41/v2.2 [PDF]
Cryptographic Protocols of the Identity Mixer Library 1.0 [PDF]


Key Publication:
Efficient System for Non-Transferable Anonymous Credentials [PDF]
Direct Anonymous Attestation [PDF]
Anonymous Credentials on a Standard Java Card [PDF]

August 5, 2009

Anonymous Login

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A user obtains an anonymous credential for a service provider.

For example, a user pays for a subscription at news site and can then anonymously use the premium news service authenticated by the anonymous credential.

The anonymous credential system makes the user’s transactions unlinkable, yet ensures the service provider that the user actually paid.