September 29, 2009

Defining a Framework for Anonymous Authentication

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The team has also published a number of papers that describe how the different cryptographic protocols can be used to realize privacy-enhancing identity management in practise. While still being research papers, they not primarily solve long standing open problems but rather show how different use scenarios can be addressed.

  1. Endre Bangerter, Jan Camenisch, Anna Lysyanskaya: A Cryptographic Framework for the Controlled Release of Certified Data. Security Protocols Workshop 2004
  2. Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel, Jan Camenisch, Thomas Groß, Dieter Sommer: User centricity: A taxonomy and open issues. Journal of Computer Security 15(5) 2007
  3. Jan Camenisch, Dieter Sommer, Simone Fischer-Hübner et al. Privacy and identity management for everyone
  4. Marit Hansen, Peter Berlich, Jan Camenisch, Sebastian Clauß, Andreas Pfitzmann, and Michael Waidner:Privacy-enhancing identity management
  5. Jan Camenisch, Abhi Shelat, Dieter Sommer, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Marit Hansen, Henry Krasemann, Gérard Lacoste, Ronald Leenes, Jimmy C. Tseng: Privacy and identity management for everyone. Digital Identity Management 2005
  6. Jan Camenisch, Dieter Sommer, Roger Zimmermann: A General Certification Framework with Applications to Privacy-Enhancing Certificate Infrastructures 2006
  7. Michael Backes, Jan Camenisch, Dieter Sommer: Anonymous yet accountable access control. WPES 2005: 40-46
  8. Jan Camenisch, Thomas Groß, Dieter Sommer: Enhancing privacy of federated identity management protocols: anonymous credentials in WS-security. WPES 2006: 67-72
  9. Jan Camenisch, Abhi Shelat, Dieter Sommer, Roger Zimmermann: Securing user inputs for the web. Digital Identity Management 2006: 33-44
  10. Jan Camenisch, Thomas Groß, Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin: Rethinking accountable privacy supporting services: extended abstract. Digital Identity Management 2008: 1-8
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