September 29, 2009

Anonymous Credentials

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The core research challenge for getting privacy preserving authentication is to find a signature scheme to issue certificates such that later-on one can efficiently prove by some sort of zero-knowledge protocols that one got issued a signature by some party on a message which, e.g., contains a birth date proving that one is indeed between 12 and 16 years old. In theory, this can be done with any signature scheme as any (mathematical) statement can be proven to be true in zero-knowledge. If, however, one is looking for a system that is practical, standard digital signatures cannot be used as then the proof would be far to inefficient.

A core innovation was a new signature scheme and zero-knowledge protocol that allow one to do this very efficiently. The first seed of this technology laid in 1998, and then over the years, the schemes were improved until they became really practical (2001). Later on the team also came up with alternatives that are based on different cryptographic assumptions and settings (2004 – bi-linear maps/elliptic curves). Depending on the implementation requirements, these alternative are preferable to the earlier proposals.

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